Sunday, May 10, 2015

of delivery story 2.0

happy mothers day!

its been awhile since i last blog.. well, nak pgi mane lagi kalau bukan pgi bersalin. tehehehe.. boss is on leave for a week so i guess it is the right time for me to share on my labour journey before i tend to forget more things here and there. btw, yes, aku dah start kje pon.. so 2months+ from the historical date, i hope i can still remember the main part of it.

husband and I (well actually it was just I) decided to try doing the check up at SALAM specialist. reason : I am so paranoid about the baby being all over the place and more to the heavy-and-big-in-size side. been getting reminders from dr. mazita of DEMC that the delivery this time wont be as smooth. so, i was chickening a bit and cant imagine myself being czer-ed. 

asked few people i knew who just gave birth and asked them to story me about their experience. i had a cousin and even my sister gave birth at SALAM specialist which located right at the same section as my house. cousin told me that her baby was not in position while she did check ups at SALAM too, but the doctor can slightly move the baby to get the baby back to the right position. whoaaa.. ini sudah baik. we once asked doc mazita about going for urut to reposition the baby, tp doc mazita kata bukan xbole.. we just afraid that the cord can belit the baby's head ke, ape ke since we cant see the baby. ok, lagi la aku takut. but knowing that at SALAM, doctor die sendiri yg bole buat mcm tu, i said, why not give it a try. in terms of payment pun, SALAM lebih murah (before i discovered the new rate, i was so happy knowing that the package was only RM1999 for normal delivery)

I was so eager to try on SALAM (read: to see the doctor who can adjust2 baby's position). praying real hard to go for normal delivery again this time. husband was not so happy with the idea. he dont quite like the fact that we need to meet another new doctor since we've been so comfortable with doc mazita all this while. husband redha je mcmane pon kne bersalin nnt but im not so happy with his answer.

so, i need to do things all by myself then. segala effort goggling about the doctor, read reviews, sampai la ke peringkat membuat appointment aku buat sendiri xckp husband pon. tried to make appointment over the phone : failed. dalam hati ni dh ckp, mungkin bukan rezeki SALAM. my fate is at DEMC. while driving home from office, i gave another try to just walk in to SALAM n see if i can still make an appointment. this time, mission accomplished. the appointment was set to be on 3rd March 2015 n i was so relieved. 

3rd March 2015 has arrived. mase tu aku dah 38weeks. siap amik cuti nak pegi check up. sampai SALAM and we were asked to wait since the doctor pgi sambut baby kat atas. husband being husband yg xberapa suka dgn idea tuka doctor ajak balik. errrr.. aku 50/50. xpe, tunggu lagi skit. we tried to kill some times by having cendol, goreng pisang and what not at the nearby stall. around 5, baru doctor masuk and kitorg tunggu turn balik. will review about the hospital later.

the check up procedure kat SALAM and DEMC mmg totally different. oh, btw.. kat SALAM aku jumpe doctor siti mariam. her assistant aku dah lupa nama but also very friendly. honestly, friendly di SALAM bukan mcm friendly di DEMC. at DEMC, the staff were all friendly as trained. but at SALAM, the staff were all friendly like we've known each other for so long like that. like makcik2 neighbour kind of friendly. but im ok with that. its fun. 

so the moment we've been waiting for, entering the doc's room. doc siti mariam ni mmg nampak so islamic. mcm doc mazita but doc siti mariam was more motherly. she checked my check up book from DEMC and asked me;

"knp kau lari dr sana?"

tak sempat aku nak jawap die dah ckp dulu, 

"laaa.. merata anak kau ye. besar pulak tu. diorg nak potong kau ye?"

eh2, manede doc mazita cakap nak potong. she's very nice and sweet, excuse me.. hehehe.. tu ckp dlm hati je la. so, smile was all i did mase tu. with a little head shook to deny what she said. the conversation went on like a makcik and a niece kinda conversation. something i didnt get at DEMC as doc mazita,= even addressed me as puan which i think she is more puan than me. then, we straight went to scan to check on the baby.

before dia start pointing alat scanner to kat perut aku, dia pegang2, urut2 dulu perut aku. die kate kepala mmg dh kat bawah tp blom engage lagi. aku rasa mcm die slowly pegang kepala baby tu and brought it to the right position. as tho as, ok.. now he's engaged. hehehe.. mase tu rase mcm sakit jgak. mau xsakit, tp sekejap je. lps tu baru start scan. yayyy!!!!

sambil scan sambil borak. ape yg kami borak pon aku dh lupe. tibe2 doc mentioned yg the baby dah estimated 3.7kg. i cant believe my ears and made her repeat the number. as i remembered, the last time we checked on the baby's weight was 2.7kg. that was just like 2weeks ago n now he's 1kg heavier?!!! without further a do, doc siti mentioned some scientific words i cant remember and that means: ESOK DATANG LAGI AND KITA INDUCE.

husband and i was shocked to death. but we didnt do any crazy face like very the terkejut beruk. we managed to control, alhamdulillah. the conversation went on like nothing happened until i asked the doctor;

"so maknanya esok kne bersalin la?"


"btol ni, esok bersalin?"

"btol, nanti saya inform labour room semua and please come at 7am"

we ended up leaving the doc's room puzzled. senyap je masing2 tatau nak ckp ape. i climbed on my husband's car, duduk, bersandar, n tarik nafas panjang2. shock mode masih aktif. husband asked me if im ok. told him that i wasnt prepare. my hospital bag was not even packed. i just dealt with the set pantang seller and tak close deal pon lagi.

sampai rumah my mom to fetch dian, told mak the whole thing. mak said i should keep calm, so keep calm is all i did for that night. 

husband and dian sleep early. so i did all the packing by myself as the way i want it. i didnt just packed for my hospital bag, tp kena pack jugak barang pantang as im going to be on pantang at mom's and dian's clothes as she'll stay with me. arranged with the set pantang seller to deliver the set right in front of my house malam tu jgak and have my desired dinner fixed alone.

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