Monday, May 11, 2015

of delivery story 2.0 (part 2)

since skrg tgh free, sambung la cite pengalaman bersalin lagi.. 

so the day has come. doc suh dtg pukul7, tp kami keluar rumah pukul7. belagak konon rumah dekat dgn sepital so watlekwatpis je.. semua brg yg nak dibawa ke hospital n kerumah mak kami angkut skali. penuh gak la kete dgn brg kitorg mase tu. hantar dian ke rumah mak and kitorg pgi lapor diri kat SALAM.

memule buat registration kat kaunter. bayar deposit and naik ke labour room. walaupun ini 2nd time, kami still terpinga2 sbb mcm xbiase dgn keadaan di SALAM. rupe2 nye husband xboleh masuk LR masa nak masuk kan pil induce tu. i is sad. mase memule masuk LR as usual they put on the CTG band around my belly. check bukaan and tunggu la kut2 ade contraction detected. tp mmg xde la kan. 

supposedly, i can just wait in the ward instead of waiting at the LR. mind you, the occupancy of the LR at SALAM were pretty high (and the wards too). mcm xde nye mase yg xde org yg tgh active labour. but the nurses were all cool and calm. when they did the ctg on me, i cant seat still. mengandung 9bulan dan berbaring terlentang adalah azab ok. dah la mase tu lapar sesgt. everytime when the nurses came in to check on me, i asked them if they can just let me have my breakfast at the nearby mamak just for awhile. promise them i wont run pon dorg tetap xkasi. actually, i just want to see my husband, not so much on having breakfast at mamak.

later, they moved me to another temporary room. kecik je bilik tu. errr, its not even a room i guess. tempat tu mcm tempat org amik blood preasure je. no pintu, just curtain. asked them again if they can let me have my breakfast n they say ok. i can call husband to buy me something but i still cant get out of the LR. immediately i called my husband and made him bought me chicken muffin with egg with hashbrown and iced milo at mcd (dinner mcd, breakfast mcd, im such a mcd ambassador). few mins later, i can hear my husband's voice. asking the nurses where is zafira (awwww.. i can tell how much he loves me masa tu). finally he found me. dia teman kan aku makan sambil aku cerita kat dia about hearing other woman who was in labour. in fact, dia sendiri bole dgr few screams. teheee.. finished my breakfast and he left. not feeling comfortable surrounded by woman who were actively in "pain".

few mins after had my breakfast n kiss bye2 to dear husband, doc siti poped out. told me its time to insert the induce pill. yikesss.. i think the time was around 8-ish in the morning. she said i should be dilated in 6 hours. if it's fail, more pill will be inserted. if fail again, CZER!

so aku baring je kat atas katil bilik kecik tu. not feeling anything strange. not feeling any pain. just feeling full with the breakfast i just had. tdo kjap. and then, an indian nurse came n told me that i can now move to ward. but unfortunately, its double bed ward. sobsss.. 

so i moved to the ward all by myself (n the nurse). already called husband but he was so confident he waited for me from home.. cheit!!! so sementara tunggu dia, i rest myself at the ward. only based on what i hear, i knew that the lady next to me has just gave birth. bole dgr suara baby dia. but i couldnt see anything since we were apart by the curtain. but due to the newborn was in there too, they switch on the aircond with what, 30degree temperature? n i cant switch on the TV since the TV is hung on the wall but i need to close the curtain for privacy.*sigh*

husband came n i was complaining non-stop only by sign language. nak ckp kuat2 kang org dgr. so hubs keep on asking the nurses if they have any single room ready. pukul12 mcm tu, we got our room ready.

xtau la knp lepas masuk kan induce tu, aku dah xbole mkn dah. xtau nak makan ape. sudahnye, cume mkn few slices of gardenia butterscotch bread je. mase tu dh start rase contraction but it was very mild. husband took turn dgn mak abah teman kan aku. sambil borak, aku baca alquran yg hospital SALAM tu provide. habis jugak la surah maryam sambil layan contraction tu. if u asked me, this 2nd time labour was alot calmer. aku xbuta2 baring menahan sakit. i know what to do to adjust the pain, how to breath right, and so on. alhamdulillah..

about 4 ish, im getting tired. kne baring but the pain has became stronger. kire2, its more than 6hours already. phewww.. a nurse came to check on me. borak punye borak rupenye nurse to our neighbour! dulu die slalu tempah jahit baju kurung dgn my sister in law. hahaha.. kicik nye dunia. she told me that i can enter the LR soon so kne cucuk ubat buntut utk flush isi perut.

entered the LR and sakit makin terasa. up to the level yg susah nak tahan punye. nak dijadikan cerita, the aircond kat LR tu xberfungsi dgn baik. so bile contraction + kepanasan = kemarahan. lucky i have such a wonderful husband who was so gigih to fan me using newspaper. seriously, i turned to hulk when i was in pain. mase tu dah dilate 4cm. i was injected with pethidine n the gas to reduce pain was provided.

on and off the nurses came in to check on me. husband masih setia mengipas. the gas was not working for me. about 630pm the doctor came n told me that i was right on track. she said despite the size of the baby, she believes that i can do this. she mentioned about my flexible pelvic bone. heard another lady who were actively pushing. i wish it was me. cant wait to get the baby out. bile the lady dah selamat bersalin, we can hear her baby crying. n everytime the baby cried, my contraction is getting stronger. sampai mcm nak ckp kat husband pegi suruh baby tu diam! hehehe..

i was told to call the nurse should i feel the urge to poop. so i stick on that. the contraction was so darn strong yet i dont feel like pooping yet. the doctor came in n check on my dilation again. she said i was ready to push. eh, tp xrase mcm nk poop pon. she said nevermind, just push whenever i feel the contraction. serious mcm xpaham. dulu dian xmacam ni pon. tp xpela, sape nak sakit lame2 kan. so everytime the contraction came, i push it out loud. rase mcm push buta2 je sbb rase mcm nothing is coming out. 

husband is such a hero, he helped me alot this time. he hold my hand n leg n keep telling me not to stop pushing. since aku push buta2 je everytime contraction dtg, i have to tell the doctor and the nurses (and husband) when im going to push and when i want to stop pushing. kadang2 aku push dorg dh bg smgt utk push tp sakit ilang so aku bgtau dorg, ok lek jap.. tgh xsakit. huhu.. at one point, husband siap suruh aku pijak perut die instead of pijak besi katil tu untuk aku push kuat2. aku rase dgn cara tu sgt membantu. Everytime i tried to push, i push my leg real hard on him (bkn slalu bole pijak perut suami. Kuat2 plak tu.. teheee). He's doing his part by pushing my leg back. So mcm sgt kuat disitu. Errr.. paham x? Paham x? n since mase push dagu perlu ke dada, husband also hold my head so that i'll be stronger. phewwww.. i dont know what i'll do without him.

after quite many attempts doc siti cakap dia akan gunakan vacuum. ingat lagi die ckp yg die nampak aku dah try hard enough, so she's going to help. lps dia kate nak tolong guna vacuum tu la baru lps tu berjaya.. alhamdulillah.. leganya rasa bila baby dah berjaya dikeluarkan and diletakkan atas perut.

later, they took the baby out for cleaning. it was around 7o'clock. doc siti start dah nak jahit. time tu seriously aku penat gila. husband dtg tolong suluh spotlight utk doctor. so husband ckp this time, dia bukan stakat husband tp nurse sepanjang proses aku nk bersalin tu. ok husband, ok.. u're the best midwife i have ever had (correction: midhusband). Its about maghrib, and our baby was azan-ed and hampir seluruh LR dapat dgr dia diazan kan. 

weighing healthily at 3.7kg, our little son was 52cm long when he was on board. gambar atas tu mase dia baru dibersihkan and menumpang katil dgn baby org lain yg baru dilahirkan jgak. malam tu, my whole family came, with dian of course. alhamdulillah dian took it very well with her new baby brother. she's happy too i can tell. 

we named our little hero, Muhamad Dani Islam (thats muhamad: our deary prophet SAW, dani : penerima/receiver, islam: sejahtera, kedamaian, taat dan menyerah diri)

Alhamdulillah.. semuanya dh selamat. Dani pon is such a good boy. He sleeps the whole night every night. Sikit xmenyusah kan mak nya. Im so happy that now our family is complete. We have ayah, mak, little kakak n baby brother. Insyallah, this is the family i'll take along with me to jannah. To #diandani, they have complete me.


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Dian ni memang photogenic kan. Hehe. Assalamualikum Dani ;)