Friday, December 16, 2011

mid nite update

Oleh kerana terlalu gian nk up entry luahan rasa bakal pengantin dlm masa 6hari je lagi, mlm2e bute gini pun menaip nk memuaskan hati. Gune tepon pun tepon la.. Janji lepas..

In 6 days until our wedding day, mcm2 feeling I rase. But never scared or neither nervous. I sometimes excited, sometimed anxious, sometimes angry n sometimes very happy..

But alhamdulillah, I'm feeling good at most of the times. Alhamdulillah jgak in this less than a week, people around me has beeing so kind! I'm glad to have all this nice people around. Hanya tuhan yg mampu balas.

Never have expect my wedding to be as how it is in plan now.. Whatever it is, let me just say that it is all rezeki.. Owh, what else can I say to thank to god for all the bless. Thank u! Thank u! N alhamdulillah..

Owh, lupe nk ckp yg I'm down with flu for almost a week now. Suara dh smpai xbole keluar but alhamdulillah I still can move around. Hehe.. Org sekeliling la yg kne bare with my husky, sexy, little voice..


Ok, feeling much better now lepas dh luah perasaan di mlm hari.. Tah siapa la yg nk baca ni..

Nway, again I want u to know how excited I am for the wedding day smpai I rasa mcm nk review skrg! *padahal bkn ape ade nk review pun*. Vendors semua baik2.. N alhamdulillah too, we are working pretty close too at the moment. Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar.. Aminnn..


Miss Sorbet Purple said...

bak i komen, sblm i fly. ngahahahaha.
Fira.... nnti dah nak nikah lg excited tau. hehe

cuqisz said...

saya baca :)
saya doakan semoga segala urusan fira dipermudah olehNya. ameen =)