Wednesday, December 4, 2013

sayonara 2013

Just feel like saying good bye to 2013 now..

sebab 2013 is so generous to me, i look forward for what will happen in 2014. i live the whole 2013 with a beautiful daughter. in 2013, i also made a move in my career. if you read my previous post, guess u know what i mean.

writing this post from a new pc. at a new place which i just been for 3 days n a half. im overwhelmed! I've got a stable platform to stand on. insyallah, will give 110% of my commitment.

my boss is awesome (as at today). i can sense that i can be pretty flexible working with him. n officially i can call myself a Personal Assistant though it is not the term used here. Im blessed! or in another word, i love this job. i like being a PA. why? hurm.. susah kut nk elaborate. but i just love it la.

everyday i'll wake up at 6am. perform my subuh n get dress. kat sini baru la berbaloi nk dress cantik2 (tp tatau la kalo dh lame2 penyakit malas aku dtg menjengah). but mak always pesan, its important for me to carefully jaga my image. oh well, will see. at 7.15am, i'll leave the house n send dian to mak's. so far everything went well. the traffic is not so bad. cume nak balik la hazab skit cause dpn office ni jem nauzubillah. but as long as i got home before maghrib, thats fine with me.

hurm.. ape lg ye. tu je kut yg teringat. the biggest moment happened to me this year. job hopping, n dian. lenlain mcm biase je.

perhaps i'll post anither entry with photos of 2013.

till then,


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